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"U.S. Vet 1957 - 1966"

LW= laser welded    SIN= sintered    VB= vacuum brazed    cc= cured concrete

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Concrete Slab Calculator

 Core Bits
Core Bits
Diamond Saw Blade
Diamond Saw Blade



A  Wide  Range  of  Products

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Diamond Saw Blade

  • wet cut
  • dry cut
  • high speed
  • multi-purpose
  • green cutting
  • fiberglass cutting
  • plastic
  • supreme quality
  • re-segment blades
  • wall saw
  • hydraulic handheld
  • ring saw diamond
  • ductile pipe
  • demolition
  • grout removal
  • extremely hard aggregate
  • quiet
  • porcelain/ceramic
  • cured concrete
  • asphalt
  • silent type
  • pattern diamond

Diamond Core Bit


We build more types of core bits than any other company in the World.  We are problem solvers:  whether it is price, quality or something you have never encountered before.

  • wet
  • dry
  • dry cured concrete
  • re-tipping your old corebits
  • segmented
  • crown type
  • asphalt
  • long life
  • extendable
  • wood
  • adapters
  • starter bits
  • electroplated -porcelain tile  
  • specialty (3 piece extendable)

Diamond saw blade

  • granite cutting blades
  • stone core bits
  • non-coring stone bits
  • Polish pads
  • Backer pads
  • Finger bits
  • Glass drill bits
  • Special shaping

cup wheels and tuck point

  • Cup wheels for cured concrete
  • Cup wheels for paint removal
  • Tuck point solid
  • Tuck point duplex and triplex
  • Crack chasers 4” to 14”
  • PCD wheels



We do not print a catalog, but you can by printing any or all pages here on this site.  We have the knowledge and manufacturing ability to make almost anything you need.  We manufacture up to 60" core bits..

Does your supplier give you a price sheet and a constant discount like we do?  The quality of our products far exceed our competition.  Our pricing to you the customer is far better than our competition has to offer you.  Our business has grown over the years because we do what we say we can do and that is what others can not do.  We will earn your trust!

CALL US TODAY for the best discounts!


Core Bits are our specialty!


Who are we?

We have been building and rebuilding core bits since 1980. We are a family run company who prides ourselves on providing excellent service with the best possible product at the lowest possible price. Our wide range of diamond core bits, is a result of over 30 years of innovation and manufacturing.

How can we save you money?  We can rebuild your core bits!  CALL US for costs.

The answer is simple. Low overhead.

 Do you need a longer core bit? Would you like to have the ability to lengthen your core bit or be able to change your segment end out at any time?

If so, we have the answer! Conquer Diamonds can send you out new segment ends for a fraction of the price of a new core bit on top of saving a bundle of money on shipping!


The NEW FHP 3-piece core bit with interchangeable screw-on segments saves you time and money!

Replacements are quick and easy! SEVEN interchangeable segments matched to your requirements:

  1. PREMIUM for cured concrete

  2. SUPREME for cured concrete with longer life

  3. DRY for cured concrete

  4. CROWNS for precast CROWNS for precast ... new  designs that NO other company has CROWNS for precast ... new designs that NO other company has

  5. CARBIDE segments for coring through WOOD

  6. CARBIDE segments for coring through STEEL

  7. Segments for ASPHALT

corebits corebits

14 inch AND 26 inch BITS

Multi-use core bit



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Concrete Core Bits

Corebits for cutting concrete

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Recommended speeds:
 - for diamond core bits
  - for stone core bits


Diamond Core Bits





Custom built 36" Diameter X 36" Tall Core Bit.

Large custom core bit


Copyright 2008-2018 Conquer Diamonds Mfg. Co.   Call us for custom applications.  WE REBUILD CORE BITS.  Call for prices.